Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL Review

ultimate body press wall mount xl
Product NameUltimate Body Press Wall Mount XL 
Weight Capacity350 lbs
Dimensions48" wide
TypeWall mounted pull up bar
ExercisesPull ups, chin ups, straight dips, levers, muscle ups, knee rises and more.

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Ultimate Body Press is a well-known manufacturer of pull up bars. They are famous for their high-quality products that are recognised among many athletes. A manufacturer pays attention to every detail – from construction to grip comfort. If we talk about high-end wall mounted pull up bars, then Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL is the best bar for those who have enough space and are interested in building their body to the next level.

Key features of Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL

This particular bar has a rich list of features, but I will include the key features you should be aware when looking for a pull up bar for your home.

Versatility: It provides you with a set of different upper body exercises. You can do all variations of pull ups and knee raises which rock your abs. Also, if you’re advanced in body weight training, you can do front and back levers.

Weight capacity: It can hold over 350 lbs which are great if you plan to do workouts with additional weight. You won’t need to worry about construction because it is made from a solid steel that won’t bend after years of excessive usage.

Dimensions: Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL is XL pull up bar. You’ll need some free space in your home to mount that beast on a wall. The bar stands 30″ from the wall, and it is 48″ wide. Perfect for wide pull ups. Even two people can do pull ups at once.

Price range: A price range of this wall mounted pull up bar is $$$. That’s my mark for products that cost less than 120$. That’s a great price for the features and quality this product offer.

Easy to install: When you’re looking for equipment that you’ll need to mount on your wall, it’s important to get straight forward installation instructions. With this product, you’ll get detailed instructions and mounting hardware which are great and whole installation process won’t take you more than 60 minutes.

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Pros and cons of Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL

Given below are the pros and cons of Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL.

Note: I tried to be objective while making this list.


  • Steel construction
  • Width of the bar
  • Additionally textured pull up bar for better grip
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • 30“ from the wall
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Price


  • It requires a lot of free space and a wall
  • It is not that versatile. If you’re looking for a more versatile product, check Stamina Power Tower.

My thoughts about Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL

ultimate body press wall mount xlThat will be my subjective observation of this pull up bar. I must admit that I had a chance to spend a lot of time training on this bar because this is the central bar in the gyms where I reside. If you have a lot of free space and a high ceiling, this pull up bar can be the only equipment you’ll ever need in your home. Why? If you have a high ceiling, you can mount this bar a little lower on the wall, and you’ll be able to do muscle ups and straight bar dips. This bar transforms in a very versatile wall mounted pull up bar with few modifications and manipulations. I haven’t had a chance to install this bar by myself, but the owner of a local gym said it is relatively easy to install it and it takes no more than one hour for assembling and mounting. I’m about 185 lbs, and I’ve done pull ups with 50 lbs of additional weight without any problem. Also, I saw a lot of advanced athletes who were training with much more weight without the problem. This bar is sturdy and durable as hell. The width of the bar is 48“ so you can do all variations of pull ups. The only negative feature of this bar is their dimensions. It is huge and I’m not able to install it in my home, so I’m destined to work out on my doorway pull up bar.

When I do a calculation, the Ultimate Body Press did a great job once again. This bar has all the features of a high pull up bar for home. If you have enough free space, this bar is worth checking.


The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL is a robust product, and it is not for everybody’s home because of its dimensions. I advise you to check the dimensions of your wall before buying this pull up bar. In case you can’t find the dimensions of the bar, here they are 50 x 32 inches. 50 inches wide and 32 inches from the wall.

I did some reviews about different pull up bars, and there are some alternatives. I’m using Iron Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar in my every day’s training. Also, you can check another Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar which is a high-quality bar but has smaller dimensions.


The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL is the best option for those who have enough free space in their home and are looking for a high-quality pull up bar within an affordable price. It has a features of a great pull up bar and from the money/features aspect, this bar is worth every penny you invest. Once you install it on the wall, it won’t go anywhere, and it is designed to endure every condition. My only complaints go to dimensions because only people with enough free space can have it. The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount XL is worth checking.

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