Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Review

iron gym pull up bar
Product NameIron Gym Pull Up Bar 
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Dimensions13×36.6×12 inches and has 2 pounds
TypeDoorway pull up bar
ExercisesPull ups, chin ups, hammer pull ups, knee raises and more.

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When you look at calisthenics athletes, you may notice one common thing about their bodies. They have a huge muscular back accompanied with big arms. It is not a coincidence by any means. The most performed exercise in calisthenics is pull up.

Pull up is one of the most beneficial exercises for your upper body. It is called a compound exercise because when you perform a single pull up, you don’t focus on one muscle group, you focus on an entire group of muscles, almost your whole upper body.

When you pull yourself up, you are stressing biceps, forearm, back, lats, shoulders and even your chest and triceps at some point. Isn’t it a great exercise?

There is only one problem when it comes to pulling up. You need to have a stable pull up bar to perform this exercise. You don’t want to spend much money on that bar, but you want to buy a great quality product. Iron Gym Pull Up Bar is a good choice when it comes to choosing the best doorway to pull up bar for your home.

Features and Specifications of Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

home pull up barIf you want to build your body to the next level, this equipment is the best investment you can make. This doorway pull up bar is intended to be used in your living place. You can implement it on almost any doorway and you can workout whenever you want. No matter if it is raining or snowing outside, you can pump your body. Such a great thing. Check out the complete pull up bar guide.

With that calisthenics equipment, you can train almost every muscle in your upper body. It is an ideal thing for your calisthenics workout. You can perform pull ups (many grips), pushups (many hand placements), chin-ups, dips, crunches, handstands, etc. Your imagination is the only limit here. The great thing about this pull up bar is that you can have a mixed grip. The mixed grip is a combination of the overhand and underhand grips with one hand in each position. This grip can be used to gain more height on release skills.

The size of that item is 13×36.6×12 inches and has 2 pounds. It is not that big equipment, so you can easily move it and install whenever you want. You don’t need to fix it on a doorway because it uses leverage to hold against the doorway and there is no screws and no damage to the door. It is easy to install.

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The Good

This is an essential equipment that every person who is serious about their health and body should check. I am using it for more than a year now. All I can say is that this bar is the best offer and no-brainer when it comes to upper body training.

  • Durability – a 205-pound man has been working out with this pull up bar for a year, and nothing happened to this bar. It is made from steel, and it is a very strong bar. You can be sure that it won’t break during your workout.
  • Easy to install – you will need about 5 minutes to install it and start with your workout.
  • Various exercises – you can perform almost every exercise for your upper body muscles.
  • Portability – it uses leverage to hold against the doorway, and you can use it wherever you want
  • No damage to door
  • Price – Less than 30$, what more to say?

The Bad

With every good product, there is a bad side of it. I don’t have many bad words for this pull up bar, but I must admit that I experienced some bad things while using this bar.

  • You can’t install it on every doorway – be careful before you buy it. If your doorway is more than 36 inches wide, you won’t be able to install it. Also, if your doorway is less than 18 inches wide, you won’t be able to install it either.
  • It can fall from the door if you are performing advanced or dynamic exercises. It is a really serious thing because you can injure yourself. If you are doing only basic stuff, you don’t need to worry.
  • Thin black line on the paint above door

Customers reviews and scores

The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar is popular product among people who are training. You can do almost every exercise for the upper body with this pull up bar which costs less than 30$. I found more than 2,500 customer reviews on Amazon for this bar. The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said, “Terrible. They give the wrong bolts to assemble the piece of equipment…”

However, only a few people have experienced the same difficulties. Other customers said, “Excellent buy for the price.”, and, “Great for busy people who don’t have time to go to the gym.” and finally,“The best money I spent on Amazon.”

That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar as the best doorway pull up bar on the market.


That is the item you want to have in your house if you are serious about adding some muscles to your frame. For that price, we dare to say it is the best doorway pull up bar you can find on the internet. You can remove this pull up bar from the doorway when you are done with your workout, and you can store it wherever you want because it is relatively small equipment. It is a highly rated bar and many buyers are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend this pull up bar to others. However, there is one thing you should be careful about before buying – check your doorway’s measurements.

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