How to Do a Muscle Up for Beginners

how to do a muslce up

So you’ve been training for a few months and you achieved some basic strength with the pull up bar training and you want to get more benefits from your training? Do you think that your workouts aren’t effective as they were? You can’t see a noticeable muscle growth? It’s often called a plateau and you hit it. It’s very scary and depressed place to be and believe me, you want to avoid it by all means. You need a change in your workout regime to grow further and that change is called a muscle up.

In this article, I will introduce you to one exercise you can’t miss if you want to build a massive and strong body. This exercise is called a muscle up. You may ask yourself what is the muscle up and how to do it, but don’t worry, I have the answers!

What is a muscle up?

It’s very simple. A muscle up is based on a few body weight exercises because it consists a few body weight exercises, including pull up, dip and transition from pull up to dip. It’s like you’re doing a few exercises by doing only one exercise and that’s the beauty of the muscle up. In the video below you can see what is the muscle up and you’ll get an idea how to do it.

How to do a muscle up?

By now, you should have an idea how to do this complex exercise and I bet you’ve already tried to perform it. So, let’s start with some tips on how to do muscle up!

First of all, you need to have a starting strength to do a muscle up because it’s very uncommon for a beginner to do it at the first try.

NOTE: There’s a lot of people who are trying to do muscle ups, but they’re doing the kipping muscle up which isn’t performed with proper form and these movements can injure you pretty bad. Always do any exercise with a proper form and full range of movement (ROM).

Prerequisites for Muscle Up

You think you’re you are ready for the first muscle up? I don’t like to write about the prerequisites about any exercise because we are all different, so keep in mind these repetitions are my subjective thought.

I’d say if you can execute 15 consecutive pull ups and 15 – 20 consecutive dips with full ROM and proper form (forget about swinging and kipping!) then you are ready for your first muscle up!

Enough theory, let’s move to the real stuff!

To do a muscle up, you need to have some pull up bar where you can do a muscle up training in your home. You’ll need to have a wall mounted or a free standing pull up bar. If you have a doorway pull-up bar it would be impossible for you to perform this exercise since you can’t do a dip on a doorway pull-up bar.

In my opinion, the best pull up bar for doing a muscle up is a wall mounted pull up bar. Why? Because it’s very sturdy, it won’t even move an inch while you are doing the muscle up and you won’t get an injury while doing it. It’s really important that you have a strong, solid and sturdy pull up bar. I’ve done some reviews about the best wall mounted pull up bars and you can you can read our reviews.

A starting position of muscle up: Place your hands on the bar and hang. The first part of the muscle up is a pull up. So you practically need to pull yourself up to the final position where your chin is above the bar.

Transition: Great, now here’s the hardest part of muscle up – the transition. The transition is the hardest part of muscle up because you’ll need to get used to do that. It’s not that hard, but you need to practice it a lot because it must get in your nature to perform this movement. In the following video you can see how to do a proper transition. After you learn to do a proper transition you  need to do a basic dip.

That’s it, congratulation on doing your first muscle up!

That was a rough explanation of doing your first muscle up. In the following paragraph I’ll show you some hints and tips on how to increase a muscle up repetitions and how to achieve your first muscle up faster!

Muscle up progressions

If you’re still struggling with 15 consecutive pull ups and dips then build a basic strength first. Train these basic movements and you’ll get these numbers in a few months. There is no need to rush since you can only injure yourself. Do it smart rather than fast..and dumb!

Here’s the list of exercises you can do to get that muscle up:

–     Jumping muscle up

–     Explosive pull ups and chin ups

–     Negative muscle up

–     Australian pull ups

–     Basic wrist stretches



Hope you’ll get that first muscle up in a no time! If you can do a muscle up, how much you can do in one set?

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