Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

Product NameBody Vision PT600 Power Tower 
Weight Capacity300 + lbs
Dimensions42 x 43 x 85 inches; weighs 64 pounds
TypeFree standing pull up bar
ExercisesPull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips, leg raises, and much more.

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So you always wanted to get fit and tone your body, but you never had a time nor money for it? It’s time to change it! You can build a good looking and healthy body with Body Vision PT600 Power Tower. That is a perfect solution for people who have a busy lifestyle and don’t have a time for the gym. If you find yourself in that situation, keep reading.

A Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is cheap, but at the same time, one of the best power towers on the market because of its amazing features. This amazing workout equipment can be used for a full body home workout which means you can do pull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips, ab exercises and much more on only one equipment.

This cheap power tower provides you with everything you’ll ever need for getting those six packs. Once you buy it, it will last forever because it’s made from durable and high-quality materials.

Key Features of Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

This equipment has a long list of features, and it’s relatively easy for me to say that it’s one of the best power towers you can find on the market right now. I provide you with the list of the main features this power tower has.

body vision pt600 power towerVersatility: It should be obvious to look at this function when you are buying a workout equipment for your home. A Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is the most versatile product you can have in your home. It’s designed for a full body workout as it enables you to perform multiple exercises, including pull ups, chin ups, dips, leg raises, pushups and much more.

Price: It’s a very cheap power tower comparing with other equipment available on the market. When you look at money/feature aspect, it’s very easy for me to recommend you this product.

Stability: This feature is imperative when you’re buying a power tower because you don’t want it to move or swing during the workout as it may cause an injury. You want your equipment to be as stable as possible, and this power tower is a rock stable if you put it on a flat surface.

Weight Capacity: It can hold more than 300lbs. If you’re beginner it should meet your needs, but also, if you’re advanced and your workout with additional weights it won’t be a problem at all.

Grips: A pull up bar grips are foam padded, and it’s very comfortable working out on these. Also, the other grips are rubber padded. Forget about any discomfort and focus entirely on a movement.

Dimensions: This product is relatively big compared to some other home pull up bars, but it provides you with a whole set of exercises you can perform on it. You should have enough space to set up this product. I advise you to reserve a room or garage for this power tower. The exact dimensions are: 42 x 43 x 85 inches, and it weighs 64 pounds.

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  • It’s a very versatile product
  • Made from durable and high-quality materials
  • Easy to install despite its dimensions
  • 300 + lbs weight capacity
  • Low price
  • Grips are comfortable and extra padded


  • Significant dimensions
  • Dip grips are too wide

Final thoughts on Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

In my opinion, this power tower is worth every penny. For a subtle investment of money, you’ll get a complete home gym that will serve you well for many years. The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower enables any athlete to perform a full power tower workout. Also, it has a great weight capacity, so you can put additional weight on you if you want to build even more muscles. The only drawback is dimensions. Make sure to measure a room before buying this power tower.

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