Black Mountain Dip Stand Review

black mountain dip stand

This is a complete and full Black Mountain Dip Stand Product Review;

Today, we want to introduce to you a portable dip bar we’ve tried that comes from a company called Black Mountain. If you read our reviews and our site in general, it’s a great chance that you’ve already been passionate about calisthenics workout and you’ve already built your body to some level. What do you think about the idea of building your whole upper-body to whole another level? A bigger arms and chest, a wider shoulders and visible six packs.. What do you think about that?

It’s possible with a dip stand from Black Mountain. If you’ve just started with calisthenics and you want to build your home gym because you don’t want to go to the fancy and expensive gyms around your hood, then the dip stand from Black Mountain should be a no-brainer choice for you.

This small and sturdy product is suitable for any athlete and any room. No matter if you’ve just started with a calisthenics workout or you’ve been in it for some time your upper body will thank you later.

I will show you some pictures of Black Mountain Dip Stand to get you an idea what does this item look like, also we will talk about other people’s thoughts (and our’s) about this product, so if you’re interested please keep reading..

black mountain dip stand

Like we said before, this particular product is very versatile one because it’s made for a whole set of exercises including:

– Pushups (different variations)

– Handstands

– Levers

– Planches and progressions

– Knee rises, L-sits, V-sits and other beneficial exercises for your core

– Bodyweight/weighted/dynamic dips

– Bodyweight rows

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Black Mountain Dip Stand holds up to 3000lbs

This particular dip stand is one of the sturdiest dip stands on the market. People from Black Mountain did a great job while constructing this product and they had in mind people who want to train with additional weights as well.

We didn’t test how much weight this product can really hold, but we tried doing some dips with Kettlebells (up to 100lbs) around our waist and we haven’t experienced any problem with the construction of the dip station. The product didn’t twist nor deflect so our conclusion is that this dip stand can hold more than you’ll ever need.

If your goal is to build a strong and huge upper-body by adding additional weights on you then you should really check this dip station from Black Mountain.

Great stability and comfort

The Black Mountain dip stand is not only recognised for their quality, it is also recognised for a great stability and comfort while doing training on it. If you love to implement some dynamic movements in your routine, but you’re scared that the equipment won’t work well with dynamic movements, then you shouldn’t care about this on the Black Mountain dip stand.

This product comes with four stabilising pads which are suitable for any surface. So there won’t be any unwanted moving or swinging which can cause you an injury. That pads are really well made and these are doing their job just great.

Also, if you’re a fan of adding additional weight on the basic movements your palms will feel great because of the soft foam grips that removes any pain in palms when it comes to workout with additional weight. Your hands won’t slip and you’ll have a rock-solid grip.

Features of Black Mountain Dip Stand

  • Holds up to 3000lbs of weight
  • Easy to install and use
  • Four stabilising pads which are suitable for any surface
  • Comfortable foam grips which will remove any pain and discomfort
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Dimension: 35“ x 22“ x 37“

black mountain dip stand

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Positive Features

When it comes to rating the Black Mountain dip stand we really have many great words to say about this product. The first thing is the installation. You’ll get the detailed instructions on how to assemble this item and if you follow it, you won’t have any problem with assembling. The installation will take you about 15 minutes, which is not that much when you compare the installation time with other products.

Like we said before, this item is really high-quality one and people from Black Mountain paid a great attention to design. This dip station can hold up to 3000lbs, so it will suit anybody’s need. You can train with as much weight as you want without fear of twisting. You’ll get four stabilising pads which are suitable for any surface and forget about any swinging – you’re free to do any dynamic movement! With soft foam grips you won’t feel any discomfort while doing the basic exercises with additional weight, so you can completely focus on executing the perfect form.

The Black Mountain dip stand costs around 70$ which is pretty low priced when you compare it with other similar items. Don’t be sceptical of that low price because this product showed the quality and sturdiness which other expensive product lack.

It is light enough to move it around, so when you’re done with your workout you can easily store it wherever you want. Also, if you want to transfer this item outside or in a different room you won’t have any problem because it weights only about 20 lbs.

The Black Mountain dip stand is really versatile product. It won’t limit your training to a few exercises, your imagination will be the only limit here. You can do a complete upper-body workout on it including pushups, rows, dips, core exercises and more.

The Black Mountain emphasise that you’ll get a lifetime warranty on this particular product. We didn’t check it, but other people said that there are no problems with the warranty.

Negative Features

The width of the stand is a little bit wider so you may experience some problems and shoulder pain if you are not tall enough or if you don’t have wide shoulders. This can be a big problem if your main goal is to exercise with additional weight and this can lead to injury. Another problem is that you can’t adjust the width or height of this bar, so you are completely dependant on the fixed dimensions of the product.

Our thoughts about the product

Like you may notice, we put a lot of positive features and just a few of negative features in this review. This is not because we want to just sell this item, no. This is because we honestly find this really great item.

If you have a small budget and you’re looking to upgrade your home gym with some dip stand, we couldn’t recommend you any other item because this dip stand from Black Mountain is everything you’re looking for. It is a way cheaper than the competition and has some great features which make it a good buying choice.

Also, the quality of construction and sturdiness amaze us. We are able to do basic movements with additional weights (up to 100 lbs) without any deformation and discomfort in palms. We can also do dynamic exercises without any swinging. People from Black Mountain did a great job when it comes to quality and construction.

We experienced some problems on the other dip stands. While doing dips, our knees would touch the floor and we want to able to do a complete range of movement, which sucks. With this dip machine, we haven’t experienced the same problem.

The only flaw is the adjustability – or lack of it. If you are not taller than 6′, it is highly possible that the width of a dip stand will be so wide for you and that might cause you some pain in the shoulders while performing dips.

Customer reviews and opinions

At the time of writing this review, there are more than 200 customer reviews on this product. Exactly 87% of actual buyers gave 4 or 5 stars out of 5 to this product, which is a relatively high amount of satisfied buyers. There is only a minority of dissatisfied buyers who had some negative experience with Black Mountain dip stand, mostly with assembling. The 216 reviewers gave this product an average of 4.4 of 5 stars.

There are a lot of satisfied buyers, so it is relatively easy for us to recommend you this product.

The minority of dissatisfied buyers complained about the installation of this item. They’ve got the broken pieces and they weren’t able to assemble this product. Also, some buyers complained about the width of a dip stand causing them pain and discomfort while doing some basic movements. Some of dissatisfied buyers said, „Bad fit of the parts and cheap screws, fell apart during assembly.“ And, „The shipping package damaged and opened upon delivery, needlessly to say, the item was damaged as well.“

Keep in mind that only the minority of buyers has the negative experience.

Other satisfied buyers said, „A high-quality product well worth the price.“ and „Versatile, durable and excellent.“ And, „Will last forever and the design is well thought out so you have the best range of motion and comfort!“

Final thoughts on the Black Mountain Dip Stand

If you’re looking for a cheap, but at the other hand a high-quality and versatile product, then the Black Mountain dip stand is the perfect choice for you. This particular item costs about 70$, which is much lower than the competition’s price. Also, you’ll get a lifetime warranty once you buy it. This product has a high-quality construction which can hold up to 3000lbs which is a little bit of questionable because we haven’t tried it. With additional 100lbs you won’t notice any damage or changes on the product. You’ll be able to perform dynamic movements because of four stabilizing pads which are suitable for any surface. Those pads are doing a great work when it comes to stabilising.

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