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I’m glad you came over to see who is behind this site. In the following few paragraphs I will introduce myself.

How everything has started?

Well, it all started back then when I was in a high school. I was the skinniest guy in my class through all the high school. It wasn’t cool, but I didn’t care because I had another interest in my life – a video games. Like many guys in a high school, I was trapped in the video game world.
Hours and hours were wasted on that. My parents were trying to convince me to go out and do something about my body and health, but I was too busy killing a virtual enemy.

My training passion has been born around my college time. College was a different world for me – different people, different city, roommate, I was on my own. Everything was different, so I decided to take things in my hands and start doing something good for my health and body.

I’m curious in nature and I like to research everything, even the smallest thing. I started to research about training and different workouts and I came along bodyweight training. Bodyweight training was perfect for me because I haven’t had much cash for expensive gym membership and my schedule was always full and bodyweight training was free back then. So I decided to try with bodyweight training for some time to see if something would change. At first, I was doing only push ups because I haven’t had any other equipment except floor and my body. After doing push ups for a few months I’ve noticed something – I’ve become more energetic and more alive and I liked the feeling. Also, I noticed that I developed a nice chest muscle, but had non-existing back muscles, so I’ve started with my research again.

How to build back muscles?

After hours and hours of research, I came along that pull ups are the best bodyweight exercise for building back muscles. The problem is that you can’t perform pull ups without a pull up bar. I’ve done research about different types of pull up bars and I decided to buy one. The bad news in this story is that I bought some doorway pull up bar
for almost 90$ which is too much. How did it happen? I’ve read a review about this bar from a first page on the google and I thought that this man knows what he’s talking about, but I was wrong. He did those reviews only to sell the most expensive equipment, without caring about anything other than his wallet. It opened my eyes and I saw many other reviewers who were doing exactly the same thing and I started to devote my time on trying different pull up bars and doing an in-depth research about those bars.

I can say for myself that I’m really knowledgeable about pull up bars and bodyweight training, so I decided to start this page to help you with finding the ultimate pull-up bar guide. I will write the most detailed reviews I’m able to write, since I’m not the professional writer.


Note: Keep in mind that I’m not a native English speaker, so these reviews won’t be 100% grammatically correct.


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